Leadership Team

Board of Directors

Sue Smith – Leadership in the Public Sector

Sue Smith has over 20 years of experience in senior management within the public sector. She has pioneered transformation in local government and the development of innovative community models. She has a detailed understanding of central and local Government, and executive experience in the transformation of companies.

  • As Joint Chief Executive of Cherwell District Council and South Northamptonshire Council, Sue led a team that pioneered the development of Eco-towns and Garden Towns. Under her leadership, the Councils have been recognised as pacesetters and have won numerous awards, including Entrepreneurial Council of the Year in 2016.
  • She is a member of the Sustainable Development Commission, charged with providing guidance on and influencing new approaches to sustainable development.
  • She is the Chair of Graven Hill Village Development Company, owned by Cherwell District Council, which is delivering the UK’s largest self and custom build development.
  • She is one of the leading figures in the UK focusing on the commercialisation of public sector services. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors and a Chartered Director.

Andrew Todd – Supply Chain Transformation

Andrew Todd is experienced in disruption and transformation of global supply chains. He is expert in development of alliances, aligning the diverse interests of stakeholders to improve value delivery. He has a strategic understanding of energy, construction, communications and utility markets.

  • Andy led the technology deals for energy supply chain restructuring to support the $48BN acquisition of Amoco by BP, the £11BN merger of Union Carbide and Dow Chemicals and the $8.5BN divestment of BP’s non-core assets.
  • He developed the business strategy for Aveva’s construction management technology, used to manage supply chains to deliver national utility infrastructures in developing Middle Eastern and African economies.
  • He worked with IT industry pioneer Bill Lyons (IBM) and Sungard on energy trading and risk management to enable changes in the European energy trading markets.
  • He is a major shareholder in the company that controls disruptive technology developed with Rolls Royce and Snecma to enable the next generation of power generation and electric vehicles.

Bonnie D. Huval – Programme Management and Economics

Bonnie Huval has many years of experience in the delivery of highly complex multi-stakeholder programmes. She has an international background in technology deployment with a strategic understanding of environmental systems and their social and economic impact.

  • For NASA’s Space Shuttle and Spacelab programmes, Bonnie worked with large and challenging supply chains to deliver some of humanity’s most complex projects. Disruptive in nature, these initiatives aimed to drive transformation in industries essential to US economic growth.
  • Working within Du Pont’s global restructuring strategy and for the new owners of divested assets, Bonnie supports transformation of business-critical working practices and implementations of large-scale supporting information technologies.
  • Founder of a Chattanooga based property business, Bonnie has a detailed understanding of the disruptive public sector model that has transformed the local economy. The city is recognised as the USA’s most dramatic turnaround enabled by integrated utilities and ultra-fast 10 gigabit Internet.
  • She worked with UK government and key supply chains on developing the capability to deliver national infrastructure programmes and local residential and business property developments. Through this work she developed the economic model that informs strategy and supports investment strategies.

David Wei – Real Estate Investment

David Wei is expert in real estate investment and fund management. He earned degrees in law and finance in the UK. He also holds an MBA in International Business.

Among his multiple leadership roles, he is Chairman of Affinity Home Construction which deals with construction projects in the UK.

He is a regular columnist, with international scope, in a number of publications.